Macquarie Pass v4a3III**

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Macquarie Pass v4a3III**

Post by alex.motyka » 02 Mar 2020, 10:05

Macquarie Pass (a.k.a. Macquarie Rivulet) is a popular canyon in the greater Wollongong region.

It is broken down into two parts:
  • Upper section v4a3III**
  • Lower section v3a3III**
Often when people refer to Macquarie Pass canyon they are referring to the lower section.

See attached canyon topos for canyon descent information.

Upper section v4a3III** canyon topo
Macquarie Pass Upper v4a2III__.pdf
(40.7 KiB) Downloaded 68 times
Lower section v3a3III** canyon topo
Macquarie Pass Lower v3a2III__.pdf
(46.25 KiB) Downloaded 61 times
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Re: Macquarie Pass v4a3III**

Post by LachlanB » 02 Mar 2020, 22:10

alex.motyka wrote:
02 Mar 2020, 10:05
Macquarie Pass (a.k.a. Malaria Rivulet)
Good job doing a topo for Mac Pass! You need to do a topo for the lower canyon now too...

But do you mean Macquarie Rivulet, not Malaria Rivulet?

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