Ongoing Blue Mountains canyon closures following bushfires

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Ongoing Blue Mountains canyon closures following bushfires

Post by T2 » 03 Dec 2019, 13:41

I've been putting off on writing a definitive list of Blue Mountains canyons that are likely to remain closed for the coming months due to the recent bushfires, with the hope that they'd finally be contained. Instead, more canyon areas have been impacted and the largest of these fires -- called the Gospers Mountain fire -- is now more than 200,000 hectares in size and is continuing to spread into more canyon areas.

Be aware, at the time of writing this both Kanangra Boyd and Wollemi National Parks remain entirely closed, along with Newnes State Forest. Parts of Blue Mountains National Park are also closed, with further closures likely in the coming days or weeks.

If you are planning any canyon trips over the coming weeks, ensure you check for current park closures ( and fires ( ... es-near-me) before setting off. I also recommend reading the detailed post I previously wrote about understanding bushfire risks and what steps can be taken to stay safe in the bush (

Canyon regions that have burnt and are likely to remain closed for some months:

Newnes (the fire has burnt all canyons on the north side of the Wolgan River east of Petries Gully, on the south side all canyons east of Rocky Creek).

Newnes Plateau (the fire is currently burning on the eastern side of Rocky Creek. All canyons that flow from the east side have already been impacted. The fire has burnt across Nayook Creek and is continuing to burn in a southerly direction and is likely to impact the Bungleboori system in the coming days).

Glen Davis (all canyons, including Coinslot, and the Freshwater system)

Kanangra (a fire has burnt from the Kowmung River across to Kanangra Walls. The headwaters of Kanangra Main and Kalang Canyon have both been burnt. The fire remains active.)

Coorongooba and Ovens Creek (most of the wilderness canyons accessed from the Army Road have been burnt, with the fire continuing to slowly spread north towards Coricudgy State Forest).

Numietta Creek (the lower part of Numietta Creek has been burnt. The fire is still active and may burn the canyons further north).

Firefighters have been putting in containment lines across the north of Mt Wilson, Mt Irvine, Mountain Lagoon, etc. This is hoped to be the southern boundary of the Gospers Mountain fire. If the fire continues in that direction, as it has been, all canyons flowing into the Wollangambe River will be impacted. Likewise, canyons flowing into Yarramun and Dumbano Creeks.

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