Kanangra Main via The Wall v4a2V*** to a4

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Kanangra Main via The Wall v4a2V*** to a4

Post by DavidM » 13 Oct 2019, 15:34

Read these notes in conjunction with the “Kanangra Main via The Slot” (KMvTS) notes, kml, topo and abseil descriptions.

Kanangra Main via The Wall bypasses the narrow slot to the north of the waterfall and avoids crossing the impact zone at the bottom of the waterfall by instead abseiling the dry cliffs to the south of the waterfall.

Follow the approach description from KMvTS. At 32050 36168 head east. Pick up an indistinct path along a well-defined ridge. Cut left down the slope, and head towards the river, heading for the far point defined by the edge above the valley, and a cliff drop-off to a platform next to the river. Either find a gap in the cliff facing the valley, scramble down and skirt along the cliff to the river, bypassing abseil 0 (dangerous, one stumble and you're over the edge) or take abseil 0 off a tree right on the edge above a platform next to the river.

Follow the abseil summary.

DO NOT abseil directly from stance 1 to stance 3 in 54m. The knot can get stuck on the pull-down, and there has been a catastrophic incident because of this. Follow the abseil list.
K M via The Wall abseil list quick reference.pdf
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There is an emergency/optional exit after R6, which can make for a nice half-day trip.
This exit has no difficult or exposed scrambles; if you encounter difficult sections, look for another way. There is no track.
Approach the gully on the south side of the pool after R6. Scramble up the gully (handline in one section). Keep going up the gully, do not veer right. Once the ridge on the left of the gully looks passable and without cliff-lines, scramble out the gully to the left and gain the ridge. Climb the ridge, veering rightwards as you gain height to stay somewhat above the gully until near to the top, then head straight up. Join the approach path at about 32202 35955.

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