Kanangra Main and the Slot

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Kanangra Main and the Slot

Post by johnmurray49 » 10 Aug 2019, 19:14

I am looking at taking a group down the first section (4 abseils) of Kanangra Main and then exiting up the gully on the left (facing waterfall) then doing the slot and exiting again up the gully. Has anyone been up/down the gully and knows what condition the exit is in, and if there are any things to look out for in the gully.

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Re: Kanangra Main and the Slot

Post by DavidM » 19 Aug 2019, 21:39

Yep, did it three times last season. It's the usual Kanangra thrash: stinging nettles, handline in a trickling stream, loose underfoot, mild scrambling. For those who've done Kanangra canyoning exits, there's nothing unusual; conversely, for first-timers, it's a bit unnerving. Wear full length clothing.
There are no difficult or exposed scrambles; if you encounter difficult sections, look for another way. There is no track.
Approach the gully on the south side of the pool after R6 (see my Slot description). Be careful crossing the vegetation-covered boulder field as you may fall through the greenery into the holes. Find the handline in the water and scramble up the gully. Keep going up the gully, do not veer right. Once the ridge on the left of the gully looks passable and without cliff-lines, scramble out the gully to the left and gain the ridge. Climb the ridge, veering rightwards as you gain height to stay somewhat above the gully until near to the top, then head straight up. Join the approach path at about 32202 35955.

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