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NSWCA Update

Post by DaveJones » 29 Jun 2019, 13:54

An update just posted on NSWCA Facebook page

NSW Canyoning Association
Hi all
It has been a while since we have posted anything and I apologies for this as a few things have gone on behind the scenes that have kept us busy.

I would like to announce that our President Julie Burton has stepped down for personal reasons and will in the future will be involved in a minor role within the association. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Julie for the work and enthusiasm she has done to bring us to where we are and welcome her continuous involvement in the future.
As vice president I will be stepping up in a caretaker role until our next elections in the coming months. I encourage members to please not stop your support of the association as we wish to grow and become strong so we can support and protect you and the sport we love. One way you can help us is to renew your membership via the webpage or an email you should have received recently.
In March we had over 150 members and we would like to reestablish this number and grow larger to improve our resource and skill base to develop a strong association. I also encourage and welcome new members to join in the future. The support and enthusiasm for the association was made obvious by the success we had at the Photo Competition night we had at Mt Wilson back in March. I encourage everyone who came to please consider joining in the future.
We are currently undergoing a minor restructure and in the coming weeks you will see a number of new initiatives from the committee for its members and our future as an association. I hope to establish a strong and resilient team to lead the way for the future. You will be hearing more from us in terms of a newsletters and events that everyone can be involved in. So please stay tuned.
I also welcome any feedback from you so please drop us a line and watch out for a survey in the coming weeks so we can gauge a better view of how we should move forward.
We have such a broad range of experience and skill sets across our sport and I hope to bring all of you together so we can secure a better future for our love of canyoning.

Stay Safe and have fun

Damo Anderson
Vice President.

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Re: NSWCA Update

Post by JulieB » 29 Jun 2019, 14:32

Confirming that I have indeed stepped down as of two weeks ago after working for three years to create the NSWCA. It was a difficult decision to make, but the right one to enable the Association to grow in the right direction. While I'm good in making things happen, I realised a few months ago that I don't have the leadership qualities that a fledgling association needs. I will be staying on in a less demanding role but maintaining the same level of commitment.
I'd like to thank everybody for their support in getting the NSWCA off the ground.

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