Which camera?

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Which camera?

Post by tmds » 29 Apr 2019, 00:47

Just wondering what everyone's choice of canyoning camera is and why? Cheers!

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Re: Which camera?

Post by T2 » 30 Apr 2019, 09:35


I think there are likely to be three different answers depending on what you want to use it for. If you're someone who likes to take video, or even action shots while abseiling etc, then a GoPro style camera is probably best. If you're after really impressive canyon shots and intend to take time in canyons to capture excellent photos, then a digital SLR (combined with double dry bags etc) will be required. If you're like me, and you just want a good point and shoot camera that handles low-light canyon settings and will be able to deal with the rigours of canyoning, then one of the ruggedised cameras on the market will be best.

Personally, the last two cameras I have used have been variations of the Olympus Tough range. My current model is the TG-5. I find it a really good camera. I keep it in a little pouch attached to my pack with a carabiner (with a tether to prevent it being lost if dropped). It deals well with being beaten up, dunked in water, etc. The photos turn our quite well, considering I only ever use the point and shoot settings. It can do video etc, but I'm not really into that (I can't be bothered editing it after the trip). It is pricey, but it lasts well and takes good photos, so I'm willing to pay the price.

If you're after something along the lines of a GoPro or digital SLR, you'll have to see what others have to say, as I have no experience or expertise with those cameras.

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Re: Which camera?

Post by marilyn_scott1950 » 07 May 2019, 21:08

Hi Tracey,
Beware of the TG-5, it is a great camera, you get good photos from it, however there's a design flaw that wasn't in the previous TG-4 (that I also own). The side panel where you charge the battery (and download photos if you want), has a two-stage locking mechanism (just as the TG-4 had), however, the "locks" easily become "unlocked". I had this occur on my first TG-5 and Olympus replaced it under warranty (I went for a swim not realising the panel was open, water entered and the camera died - no way to fix it). They replaced it with the same TG-5 and I've tested this one and the same thing easily happens, you just flick your nail across the locking mechanisms and it pops right open (two must be unlocked for this to happen). As long as you realise this can happen, it's ok, but if you're not aware, and you are using the camera in a wet environment, it's disastrous.

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Re: Which camera?

Post by tom_brennan » 09 May 2019, 22:27

I'll add two more categories to Tim's three.

I'm in the high end point and shoot category. This allows you to get much better shots in low light than the ruggedised cameras like the Olympus Tough series. However, you need to keep it dry. I use a small drybag clipped to the shoulder strap of my pack. The camera will eventually get damp, as you're opening and closing the bag with wet fingers. I have also drowned several cameras over the years, usually through carelessness (hole in drybag; submerge bag for long periods; etc). The photos are a cut above the tough cameras, particularly if you're willing to post-process. I use a Canon G9XII, but the Sony RX100 series are also in this category.

The other category that is getting popular these days is the phone camera. Some of the high end phones have good cameras, and are also waterproof, or at least water resistant. I can't speak from experience, but people seem to take some pretty good shots with them.

In terms of SLRs, it's less about the choice of camera than how you intend to manage it. They're probably not the best initial option if you're asking about canyoning cameras.

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Re: Which camera?

Post by Flynny » 10 May 2019, 14:03

I'll back Tom up with the phone camera comment. The I think the photos Madie gets on her iphone are very bit as good as I get on my TG-4. If you are after share quality that's good enough. You have the added benefit of being able to do basic post editing direct on the phone. They are not print quality, especially if you plan to enlarge them at all but good enough for what most people want

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