Kanangra Main via The Slot v4a3V****

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Kanangra Main via The Slot v4a3V****

Post by DavidM » 23 May 2018, 22:13

The entry track starts from the Kanangra Walls road at 32390 35078. Take a track on the north side of the road that is opposite and about 30m or more west of a closed-off fire trail on the south side of the road. Follow the track to the Kittani Rim, then northwards along the edge. Pass the viewing point for the Kanangra Falls. In the final copse, branch left where the path to the Wall canyon route goes right (do not walk/scramble the last section down to the top of the Wall). Head downhill to Kanangra Creek

Cross the stream above Kanangra Falls at 32088 36227 at some obvious horizontal slabs that are on the far, left bank.
Observe the water level: if it seems high or is high, consider going down the Wall instead.
Don wetsuits and gear on the slabs at the river crossing. Wet the ropes. Last chance for a number 2.

Follow the stream on river left for about 50m until the river starts to go over the edge. Cut horizontally left at this point next to a tree with a 1m diameter trunk, along an exposed slope keeping to the base of a cliff on the upper side. Follow the ledge along and slightly down towards the gulley.
The first anchor for the Slot can be found about 2-3m before the gully scree.
Take a deep breath; do your checks.

Abseil 1: is 50 to 55m, all overhang after the start
Stay on rope until clipped to the permanent safety line on the large log.
Follow the safety line down to the next anchor, about 5-8m.

Abseil 2: is 50 to 55m, all overhang after the start
People at the top of abseil two need to be absolutely sure not to dislodge rocks. Those waiting at the anchor must keep still while an abseiler is on rope and over the edge.
The bottom belayer on abseil two should be careful of falling rocks.

Abseil 3: is 5m, either use the anchor or the fixed rope.

Abseil 4: is 25m and drops to the base of the falls.
It takes one down to the impact zone of the waterfall and then across a pool to the anchor that is on the far side of the pool, right side.

When approaching abseil 5, look for the single bolt about 5m back from the end of the pool, head height on river right. Use it to belay onto anchor 5.
Abseil 5: is 15m down the next waterfall. Cross the pool to the anchor on the far, right, side.

In high water the person managing anchor 5 needs to be very competent. Suggestion is that the best person goes first from anchor 4, and manages the party onto anchor 5 and down drop 5, from where the party members can rest in the sun at anchor 6.
In high water, abseil 3, 4 and the switch to abseil 5 is done in blasting waterfall spray, which makes voice communication impossible. Take whistles, agree what the blasts mean.

Continue on using the attached abseil summary.

From the last abseil, scramble the final falls on the left. Walk the creek for 30-40 minutes until the Kittani Rill/Kalang Falls river enters from the right. Proceed directly up the slope ("murdering spur"). Using caution follow the worn "paths" on the steep slope, in an upwards and slightly leftward direction. Exit about 200m to the left of the lookout.

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Re: Kanangra Main via The Slot

Post by T2 » 27 May 2018, 12:54

Great description David. This is definitely one of those trips that is amazing to do once, but not something you rush back for a second time. Waiting at the bottom of abseil two, listening to little rocks zooming past and exploding, made me think of a WWI trench! And I can't agree more with your advice to avoid it in higher water. Getting to the fourth abseil would become extremely dangerous.

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