Video of canyoning in 1966

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Video of canyoning in 1966

Post by T2 » 18 Feb 2019, 19:37

The discovery of Claustral Canyon in the early '60s resulted in canyoning suddenly becoming a more popular pursuit. This video, shot just a few years later by a young Dick Smith (and narrated by Paddy Pallin) captures two early trips down Claustral and Kalang Falls. It's well worth watching to see some of the early equipment and techniques. The nylon ropes don't have a sheath, the harnesses are just a loop of rope around the waist, and the descenders were just a twist or two of rope around a steel carabiner. There's not a wetsuit in sight -- in fact there's not even shoes or shirts in large parts of it -- and packs were just satchels thrown over the shoulder. I think most modern canyoners would be pretty terrified replicating it, but the techniques and gear in the film were actually cutting edge and were far more advanced than the hemp ropes and classic abseil techniques (using the body for friction) that were used for the early descents.

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Re: Video of canyoning in 1966

Post by Skinner » 19 Mar 2019, 18:24

Thanks for sharing this video from the archives Tim. It is gold. I love the “harnesses”. They didn’t seem to have that much but found room for the hammer and bolting kit. Only one bolt hammered in. Brave stuff.

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