Burnett Canyon

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Burnett Canyon

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Reproduced from: https://www.theverticaladventurer.com/s ... ning-guide

*** WARNING *** Canyons can be dangerous places. Always ensure you have the required skills and experience before setting out. Never go alone and always let someone know where you are going. Using these notes is done at your own risk. You are responsible for checking for and obeying any closures relevant to this canyon.

Also known as Urbanville canyon, Burnett Creek is a nice canyon with plenty of action for its short length. The area features numerous fire trails and 4wd tracks that crisscross the area. One sure way to get there is from Mount Lindesay Road. Turn off at this point onto a track that heads north. Follow it under the big power lines, across a small creek, then up Dead Horse Mountain Road. Eventually you will hit the border fence. Use the canyon location found below (using GPS) to help navigate there.

About 100 meters or so after a small wooden shelter, the border fence forms a sharp right angle (see photo below). Jump over the two fences and head NE down the fire trail until another one comes in from the left. Take this track which heads roughly west, then near the end there is tape on some trees and a rough track heading down. Follow this until you reach the creek, follow it downstream and the canyon starts a short distance later.

I recommend using, or finding someone, with a 4WD as this becomes a very easy trip with one. Its a 30-45 minute drive with 4WD. If you walk the track from Mount Lindesay Road there is quite a bit of uphill and you can expect the walk in to take 3-4 hours. Mountain bikes can also be used, and are very handy, at least for the downhill part on the way back.

Beware that even when using a 4WD, rain can make the track impassable and fallen trees are common after storms. Your 4WD will also be brushing up against vegetation on the narrow sections.

The canyon itself is quite nice with 6-7 abseils, one of which is an optional jump, and a few cool slides as well. All abseils are bolted, but still carry anchor building material just in case as high water levels can affect or destroy them.

Take a wetsuit, even in summer, and avoid taking large groups as there are limited spots out of the water through the middle.

Highest abseil: 23m
Jumps: One 4m jump that can be abseiled
Abseils: 6-7
Wetsuits: Yes
Anchors: All bolted
Trip length: Long day if walking in, a short day if using a 4wd
Difficulty in normal water flow: Medium
Commitment level: High
Navigation: Medium
Quality: 8/10
Canyon location: -28.312907, 152.556709
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