What belay/rappel device do you use?

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Re: What belay/rappel device do you use?

Post by LachlanB » 17 Aug 2018, 09:19

chunderfuzz wrote:
16 Aug 2018, 21:17
Have been using the hydrobot, I’m finding it a bit too fast on my skinny canyon rope after a bit of use (8.3 canyon fire)
Yeah, those things can be scary. :shock: I tried one out for the first time a few months ago on old, dry 10.5mm static rope, and got a nasty fright. I think I'll stick with a nice, comforting 5 bar rack.

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Re: What belay/rappel device do you use?

Post by sonnylawrence » 07 Mar 2019, 10:59

I started abseiling in 1970 using the Dulfersitz technique. I progressed to just wrapping a carabiner with the rope. When we got fancy we used 6 oval carabiners to fashion a brake rack. All of this was as a right-handed person. Life has gotten better. Since those days I have tried many devices. Finally, after more than half my lifetime, I let the mountain tell me to abseil right or left-handed. Many people, including experienced canyoneers have difficulty getting on the rope if the anchor is on canyon right. They try to step over the rope or flip it over the pack in order to rig for a right-handed descent. Instead, I just attach the rope and go left-handed. But to easily do this, I need a symmetrical device. I used the Pirana for many years. I have 8 of them in the basement today. They were okay. But they are asymmetrical. Rarely, I have been in a situation where a tube device is preferable. GiGi slots work well at this. Some devices have only one. But for double rope descent, two are needed. I prefer devices that are very easy to tie off. And last, depending on the shape of the device, it can be used to hook the rope back while stacking the rope. The Resonator fills my wish list. It is the primary device I use for canyoning. It is easy to add friction or soft tie in order to take pictures. I can use it right or left-handed. The bottom arm is curved such that I hook the rope bag while filling it with rope. Every now and then I use it for double rope abseils via the GiGi slots.

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Re: What belay/rappel device do you use?

Post by DaveJones » 07 Mar 2019, 11:18

Mostly the Kong Hydrobot.
Used to use the Aussie PittStop and have a couple of racks, but I like the Hydrobot the best.

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Re: What belay/rappel device do you use?

Post by hankmoon » 08 Mar 2019, 03:01

Typically, either CRITR or ATC-XP. The former b/c it locks off easily and adapts well to most any body weight, rope type/condition or drop length; the latter b/c sometimes the CRITR is overkill and/or is a hindrance (extremely skinny slots in Utah).

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