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What's in your rescue kit?

Posted: 10 Jan 2019, 23:25
by Parkinson
In terms of vertical gear when i'm leading a group I carry:

- set of prusiks + purcell prusik
- 2 shunts
- 2 pulleys
- micro traxion
- maillon
- a couple of spare krabs
- 120cm sling
- knife

This lets me quickly ascend double ropes, rig a couple of haul systems quickly and with minimal clutter, and I generally feel this is enough to problem solve any other issues I have.

When i'm running in a small group with other experienced cayoners I generally stick to the same kit but depending on what others are carrying I might drop a shunt, the pulleys and atc to save a bit of weight.

What vertical gear are you carrying? and does what you carry depend on the group you are with/your role within a group?

Re: What's in your rescue kit?

Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 18:04
by T2
Jake, this is a great question. I'm keen to hear feedback from others as I know that what I carry, particularly for easier day trips, is often inadequate. There's a few items I've been looking to buy to rectify this.

Currently, I usually have a set of prusiks for ascending. I have a purcell prusik which I use as an adjustable safety tether at the top of drops. I carry spare carabiners, a knife, spare sling, etc. On more challenging or remote trips where I think there is a higher chance of needing to ascend or carry out a rescue I also have a couple Ropeman 2 ascenders (both for ascending rope, and as progress captures for a rescue / hauling situation).

I'm planning to invest in some new items, like a couple VT Prusiks and some light weight pulleys, but haven't decided which ones to go with yet.

Re: What's in your rescue kit?

Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 22:05
by Kosta
I think, there isn't much of a point in copying someone's gear list. The gear you carry must match your skills. There is little point in carrying an item if you haven't practised its application. And conversely, there's little point in practising a method if you're not prepared to carry the gear it needs.

Thus, you need to think about the methods you want to be ably to apply. Then you practise them, ensuring that you only use gear that you plan to carry. Once you start to look at it this way around, it becomes obvious what you need to carry.

My personal vertical gear tends to be:
- harness, descender, helmet, gloves.
- at least 5 carabiners for double rope, at least 7 when using the fiddle stick.
- 3 custom sized prusiks
- 1-2 maillons
- 120 m sling
- some tape (usually, 2 pieces of 5 m)
- knife

A lot of my rescue methods come from above using a spare rope. Thus, I like to ensure that there is always a spare rope at the back or a free strand of an isolated rope. In this sense, having a safety rope is an important piece of emergency kit as well.

I should probably add something like the micro traxion to my kit as well.

Personally, I don't carry metal ascenders, mainly because I shy away from the close to 400 g a pair of shunts weighs - and that's the only double-rope ascender I know of. Thus, the prusiks have to do. An important point about prusiks is, that you should have them sized and tested for yourself and your gear. Being able to just pull them out and they "just fit" make a huge difference that is often underestimated.

I usually carry the same amount of gear, regardless of whether I'm the leader or not. On some trips I might take more slings and maillons if there's a higher risk that I have to replace anchors.

Re: What's in your rescue kit?

Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 22:49
by Parkinson
I completely agree that without practise and knowledge no amount of gear will help you.

This topic was a way for me to think out loud and assess what I carry compared to what someone else might carry and to potentially find ways to improve my methods.

The shunts aren't something i'm completely happy with, I carry them because I find them easier and quicker to use than prusiks, and in an emergency situation I value that more than saving weight. But I also use double rope techniques, switching to single rope techniques would make them unnecessary. And if i were to start using single rope techniques I would likely use the micro traxion and a prusik/ropeman to ascend.

T2 wrote:
11 Jan 2019, 18:04
I'm planning to invest in some new items, like a couple VT Prusiks and some light weight pulleys, but haven't decided which ones to go with yet.
I use 2 Petzl oscillante pulleys, purely for their low weight and cost, in conjunction with the micro traxion I can easily set up a drop loop 6:1 or z rig haul

Re: What's in your rescue kit?

Posted: 12 Jan 2019, 08:01
by dyl_jo

As a canyon leader this is my kit. In the top of my pack I'll also have some sling for replacing anchors, and I carry a set of Omega Pacific Link Cams and a selection of wires or tri-cams for backing up or improvising anchors.

Re: What's in your rescue kit?

Posted: 12 Jan 2019, 22:00
by Neo
I'm a newish operator, mainly just keep practicing my rigging and abseil solo, until I get more avanced and can get some canyon time.

I have as standard:
Helmet, harness (+scuttlebutt)
Petzl connect adjust
Verso and 30cm sling
12+ locking karbs
2x tube slings
Trio of prusiks
A mailon
4x bolt plates

To add some spare/rescue gear:
Oscillante pulley
Mad Rock Lifeguard (new)
Figure 8
30cm sling spare

I plan to add:
a second oscillante
or a micro traction as a pulley
a second tube device
maybe a shunt

Contiued practice is needed. Top of my wishlist is longer rope :)

Have seen a dedicated karb/pulley/prusik set packed just for hauls. So many combos and options out there. For now just sticking with the basics.

Re: What's in your rescue kit?

Posted: 20 Feb 2019, 20:31
by Vertical_Wookiee
Be extremely wary of Shunts. They do NOT behave well where you have 2 different types of rope...!

I wouldn't say I have a specific 'rescue' kit necessarily (though I do have some gear that goes with me everywhere regardless of the activity), but this is all currently what lives on my Canyon harness and can be used for just about anything I (or you?) can think of...
  • AV Mazerin Canyon harness
  • Adjustable (Kong Slyde) Dynamic rope lanyard with BD Magnetron Vaporlock 'biner
  • Dynamic Rope lanyard with Petzl Basic hand Ascender & custom foot loop (quick deployable 2mm dyneema cord in tiny pouch)
  • Petzl Croll & Chest harness
Right side:
  • Edelerid Canyon knife in holster with elastic restraining cord
  • 4+ free carabiners
  • 1x Canyon Quickdraw + Fig 8 or Kong Gigi
  • 1x Petzl Piranha on Edelerid Bulletproof HMS 'biner (these things are amazing!)
Left Side (This is effectively the 'rescue kit' that goes with me wherever and whatever I do)
  • 1x Petzl Oval Carabiner + Petzl Microtraxion + 30cm Dyneema Sling + Sterling Hollowblock 'long' prussik
  • 1x Petzl oval Carabiner + Petzl partner pulley + Petzl Tibloc + Sterling Hollowblock 'short" prussik
  • 1x Locking Carabiner + 120cm dyneema sling + 240cm Dyneema Sling