Five Ten no longer producing canyoning shoes

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Five Ten no longer producing canyoning shoes

Post by T2 » 28 Aug 2018, 09:51

I’ve just had confirmation that Five Ten are no longer producing specialist canyoning and paddling shoes. The discontinued lines include the very popular Canyoneer 3 and Water Tennie (not to mention the very cool Eddy Pro shoes that were only launched last year).

The decision has apparently been made to refocus Five Ten on it’s bigger and more profitable areas — climbing, approach, and mountain biking shoes — while abandoning the lower volume water shoes designed for canyoning, kayaking, paddling etc.

When Five Ten was purchased by adidas in 2011, a lot of people were nervous about what the sale would mean for this niche footwear. For the first five years those concerns were allayed as they continued developing new water shoes, taking advantage of the very sticky Stealth rubber (this proprietary rubber was probably a large part of the reason adidas bought the company). Unfortunately, those initial fears have now come to pass.

I have confirmed with adidas that the Terrex Hydro Lace will continue to be produced into 2019, but for now that will be the only specialist canyoning shoe produced by adidas or Five Ten.

So if you love your Five Ten canyoning shoes, it’s probably worth stocking up while retailers still have your size. Whatever is currently in store / online will be the last batch available.

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