Websites to check regarding temporary closures

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Websites to check regarding temporary closures

Post by T2 » 15 May 2018, 11:52

Bushfires, extreme weather conditions, hazard reduction burns, landslides, track work, emergency helicopter operations, and numerous other events can lead to temporary closures individual canyons, sections of national parks, or specific access routes, tracks and roads.

As well as putting yourself in danger of injury, breaching closures can result in prosecution and substantial fines.

When planning canyoning trips in NSW, always check the following websites (and continue to do so right up until the day of departure, given the information can change quickly):
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service alerts page:
    (Note that this page is poorly laid out, making it quite confusing, so always scroll through all the announcements for a specific park because closure notices can be buried some way down.)

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