Coomera Canyon

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Coomera Canyon

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Reproduced from: ... ning-guide

*** WARNING *** Canyons can be dangerous places. Always ensure you have the required skills and experience before setting out. Never go alone and always let someone know where you are going. Using these notes is done at your own risk. You are responsible for checking for and obeying any closures relevant to this canyon.

Coomera Canyon, also known as Coomera Crevice, is my favourite canyon. Unlike many other ‘canyons’ in Queensland, this is a proper canyon. It has high walls, is very beautiful, and has decent water running through it most of the time. The canyon is now bolted throughout with most anchors on the sides to survive flood events (but always carry anchor building materials just in case).

Be aware that this canyon has water hazards that form in very high water levels. When starting, if the first few pools are white with bubbles, as shown in the picture below from one of our trips, you should turn back, especially if the group is large or you have beginners with you. Several waterfalls are added as you progress in the canyon, each adding more volume making it dangerous if you are not prepared.
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If the water level is this high it is recommended you do not proceed. You can reverse the few short drops up to this point.

To access the canyon, walk along the Coomera river circuit and enter the creek when you cross it. You have a few swims early on and it is reversible up until the large log slide/jump. After this point, it becomes impossible to reverse or escape until the very last 60m abseil.

Large rain events cause this canyon to become extremely dangerous. Give the canyon three or more days after a 50 to 80mm+/12 hr rain event. This canyon is inescapable in the entire lower section. Make sure you have the skills to continue no matter what you find. Bolts can get cut clean from floods through the canyon.

For the exit of the canyon, there are two options:
OPTION 1) Rock hop 1km downstream, which will take roughly 1 hour for most parties, and start searching the creek side for some tape. There is also an old wooden marker in amongst the trees somewhere as well. This is quite hard to find and will take some time if you are doing it for the first time. Once found, there is an easy scramble up a small 3m cliff with plenty of tree roots to grab. From then on the track often changes direction around bluffs and many people become lost here. Take your time, stop, and go back if you have lost the way. If you know the way, expect it to take 2-3 hours after the 1km rock hop from the base of the falls. This exit is highly recommended to be done with someone who knows the way out.
OPTION 2) Follow Coomera creek all the way until Gwongoorool Pool and then head up the track. This requires a car shuffle and takes longer (4-5 hours) but is easier in terms of effort and navigation. This way is recommended for those not familiar with the exit route of option 1.

Highest abseil: 60m
Jumps: One of 4m, plus 2 or 3 small ones
Abseils: 5
Wetsuits: Yes
Anchors: All bolted
Trip length: Long day.
Difficulty in normal water flow: Medium
Commitment level: High
Navigation: Hard
Quality: 10/10
Canyon location: -28.235435, 153.191445
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