Black Canyon

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Black Canyon

Post by The Vertical Adventurer » 04 Jul 2018, 14:26

Reproduced from: ... ning-guide

*** WARNING *** Canyons can be dangerous places. Always ensure you have the required skills and experience before setting out. Never go alone and always let someone know where you are going. Using these notes is done at your own risk. You are responsible for checking for and obeying any closures relevant to this canyon.

Black canyon is on the left branch of Albert River and is accessed from the Albert river circuit track from Green Mountains in Lamington National Park. It's a big day out with the walk in and out taking up a big chunk of the effort. The upper part of the canyon is average but as it narrows towards the end it is the last two abseils that make it worth it!

To start, follow the Albert river circuit track until you hit the creek the canyon is on (use topo map) and enter the creek!

Notable things to watch out for: Anchors may be in bad state, take material to replace old pitons and plenty of webbing. No bolts in the canyon. 2 pitons for the last abseil.

The exit track is quite possibly nonexistent if you cannot find it. It's approximately 1km downstream on the true right, from the last abseil. Head uphill until you hit the graded track again.

Canyon location: -28.269425, 153.159282
Abseils: 5
Longest abseil: 30 meters
Jumps: 1 (optional)
Wetsuits: Yes
Anchors: Natural with some old rusty pitons
Trip length: Long day
Difficulty in normal water flow: Medium
Commitment level: High
Navigation: Hard
Quality: 7/10
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Re: Black Canyon

Post by icefest » 29 Jan 2022, 18:08

Black Canyon has a gauge online

https://water-monitoring.information.ql ... 1&rslf_org

At 6 cumecs the polls at the bottom of waterfalls become retentive, currents become stronger than you can swim against and the whole canyon is roughly v5a4 experience.

I've attached an image of one of the falls for scale.

Most parties would appreciate a floating bag anchor and guided abseil for the last pitch.
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