About the Canyoning Australia forum

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About the Canyoning Australia forum

Post by T2 » 27 Oct 2020, 19:14

DISCLAIMER: Canyoning can be dangerous. Serious incidents -- resulting in injury or death -- have occurred in Australian canyons. Always ensure your group has adequate skills and equipment, including materials for building anchors, carrying out self-rescue, and dealing with emergency situations. All information on the Canyoning Australia forum has been written by forum members, based on their own experiences. Unless otherwise stated, these authors have no formal qualifications or specialist expertise. The information they provide is for general guidance to appropriately experienced people. In utilising any information from this forum, you must take responsibility for your own actions, ensuring you have carried out appropriate research and testing, or sought formal instruction.

About the Canyoning Australia forum:

This forum is run by and for people who enjoy canyoning in Australia. It aims to create an online community where skills, experience, knowledge and advice are shared freely. Our goal is to provide an accessible, open resource that improves the skills and knowledge of all canyoners, making our activities safer and more enjoyable. Over time, knowledge and experiences can be built upon, important issues can be debated and discussed, and our community strengthened so we can better advocate for our passion and the natural places we love.

You can keep track of the latest discussions by subscribing to specific forums and topics, or you can use the forum's RSS feed, like the Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

General guidance for using the forum:

This forum is governed by one simple rule: be respectful.

That covers everything you write -- whether in public posts or private messages. It doesn't mean you can't debate or disagree -- vigorously -- but it does mean you need to think about how you do it. As a general rule, if you wouldn't say something to a friend or family member, it's probably not appropriate to say on the forum.

This should be a positive and respectful place where everyone is welcome. Think before posting and consider how your words may be interpreted by others. Clarify misunderstandings, apologise for mistakes, and deescalate conflict.

Civility and thoughtfulness are compulsory. As part of this we insist people list their real name on their profile. This prevents people from hiding behind online anonymity to say things they would never consider in real life.

Being respectful means not abusing the time or generosity of others. Rather than just posting a question, take time to use the search feature to see whether there is already a topic that answers it. Add to existing debates, rather than causing confusion with duplicate topics. While there is no such thing as a dumb question, there are definitely lazy ones.

Aggression, insults, obscenity, abuse and personal attacks will never be tolerated. Your freedom to say what you want does not supersede the rights of others to have an enjoyable, welcoming, useful forum.

Keep debates about the issues. Think about whether your words might upset or offend others. If content may not be suitable for some people, provide a warning (such as Not Safe For Work, etc).

Be upfront and honest about any connections you have to a product, service, or political position you are discussing.

Never post someone's phone number, email address or other personal information in public forums without that person's express consent.

Don't breach copyright. Make sure you have permission to share images or other content.

If you are sharing information from your own website or blog, don't just post a link, but ensure it is part of providing useful content to the forum.

Don't post detailed information or track notes regarding canyons in wilderness or other sensitive areas.

Posts that don't abide by the rules and culture of the forum will be moderated, edited, or removed.

People who refuse to be part of a respectful community will be removed from the forum.

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Re: About the Canyoning Australia forum

Post by PeteDavo » 02 Feb 2021, 21:23

I’m fine with the forum guidelines

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