Private developments in the Gardens of Stone

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Private developments in the Gardens of Stone

Post by T2 » 17 Jan 2023, 16:10

Canyoners were a key part of the campaign that finally saw the NSW Government protect the Gardens of Stone. Unfortunately, the new threat is that private, for-profit developments are being proposed for this area. Beyond the fact that conservation land is being handed over to private companies, these developments are part of a trend around the country that is seeing recreational users pushed out of areas unless they're willing to pay top dollar. There is a very high risk these developments couple prevent canyoners, bushwalkers and climbers from accessing some of these areas we've been enjoying for decades.

In the Gardens of Stone there are currently two proposals, with one to allow up to 5 private lodges in the park, and another to turn the Lost City into an adventure park. We have until tomorrow (January 18) to have our say on these private leases in the Gardens of Stone NP. You can do this on the government's website or through the Gardens of Stone website, which provides a form letter you can quickly adapt: ... -the-garde
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