Armchair canyoning

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Armchair canyoning

Post by T2 » 25 Aug 2018, 16:45

With a rainy weekend keeping me indoors, I've been spending a bit of the time on the computer, trawling for inspiration and trip ideas. I imagine I'm not the only one who enjoys a little "armchair canyoning" when life, work, or weather mean I can't actually get outdoors.

Below are a few of the local blogs and websites that I often visit when looking for a bit of inspiration. I'd be keen to hear about any others that I'm not aware of. It's amazing how often a single photo or trip report can open up a whole new area!

Dave Noble is definitely one of the most experienced canyoners in Australia. His original canyoning website -- which can still be found here -- was the place where I got most of my inspiration when I first discovered canyoning. He's also got an incredible archive of photos and information on his full website, while his new blog keeps you across the full range of his outdoor adventures.

Most canyoners will already spend time on Tom Brennan's website, looking for track notes and technical info, but it's worth spending some time trawling his photos and trip reports.

Rachel Grindlay's website is another good one, and is particularly helpful if you're thinking of having a go at canyoneering over in the US at some point.

Craig Flynn's Sleep When We Are Dead site has built up a really impressive collection of canyoning trip reports over the past couple years.

Likewise, Marilyn Scott's website always features a walk, canyon, or interesting area that I've never heard of, sending me scrambling to my maps.

For those who prefer videos, Richard Pattison has produced the most substantial collection of canyoning videos that I'm aware of.

Felix Ossig-Bonanno has been living in Canada for the last couple years, so most of his canyoning and caving adventures are now taking place in North America, but I still really enjoy checking them out.

And of course, if you're really desperate you can always trawl through my trip reports on the Fat Canyoners site.

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Re: Armchair canyoning

Post by The Vertical Adventurer » 02 Sep 2018, 08:06

For all Brisbane related canyoning, my website has it all:

There is a lot of new canyoning content coming in the next few months, especially NZ canyoning, to compliment the canyoning adventures and techniques already on there. In addition, my blog also has climbing, hiking, caving, and alpine content as well.

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