Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon

Post by Aegist » 22 Jun 2018, 09:03

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Grand Canyon is a canyon just near Blackheath. It is well marked by surrounding tourist walking tracks and an easy entry canyon (except for the abseil).

Park at the car park just after Somerset Avenue on Evans Lookout Road, Blackheath NSW. Follow the Grand Canyon Walking Track until you pass through the natural tunnel then look for the abseil anchor point. Abseil down the 12m or so abseil, walk through the canyon (a couple of swims) until the last 30m swim. A couple hundreds meters after the last swim you will see a sign pointing back to Neates Glen and downstream to Evans Lookout. Walk back up for a faster exit, or downstream for a longer walk via the lookout.

Detailed Guide

Getting there:
Drive to Blackheath, NSW and turn onto Evans Lookout road. Drive most of the way along it until you see a car park on the right hand side of the road; it is just past Somerset Avenue - Park there.

Walk in:
The path from the carpark is clearly marked as Grand Canyon Walking Track with a sign a few meters down the track showing the canyon. Follow the very well marked path for about 30 minutes before walking through a naturally occurring rock tunnel. Shortly after the tunnel you cross the canyon for the first time. You can enter the canyon here, or enter it a few minutes further down the track at the abseil entry point.

In the canyon:
If you start upstream there are some tricky sections which may need ropes, but you avoid the abseil. The abseil is about 12 meters down an overhanging ledge. The anchor is a 3 point chain anchor that has been bolted into the rock near the pathway.
The anchor and abseiling area is fenced off to separate it from the tourist track.
After abseiling into the canyon you will walk through the rest of the canyon mostly dry, but with a few very short swims and wades. There is one possible jump in, but it is much easier to climb down than jump as the jump requires clearing about 2.5 meters of rock ledge. Jumping is not recommended.
Shortly before the end is a 30 meter swim, which is the longest swim in the entire canyon.
The whole canyon wouldn't take more than a couple of hours to complete, the end clearly marked by a sign pointing uphill to the Grand Canyon Walking track (the track which was left at the abseil point and which followed the whole canyon from above), and further downstream to the Evans Lookout.

Walking out:
Once you reach the Grand Canyon Walking Track at the end of the canyon, you can either walk back up the track and follow the canyon back upstream from above. This is the faster route and interesting because you regularly find yourself right on the edge of the canyon cliffs looking straight back down into Grand canyon. The other option is to follow the path all the way down to Evans Lookout and then walk back up Evans Lookout Road to the parking lot.

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Re: Grand Canyon

Post by T2 » 22 Jun 2018, 09:25

It's also worth noting that Grand Canyon is one of the best night canyoning options in the Blue Mountains. The walls are lined with stunning glowworms and the fact that most of the canyon is quite flat allows sections of it to be completed with head torches turned off.

Tom Brennan also has good notes for this canyon available here:

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