Jugglers Canyon v3a1II*

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Jugglers Canyon v3a1II*

Post by alex.motyka » 04 May 2020, 10:28

Map: 8930-1S KATOOMBA
Height: 270m
Drop: 20m
Rock: Sandstone
Rope: 40m
Area: South Grose
Anchors: Slings, Bolts
Flash flood: Low
Length: 500m
Season: January - December
Car shuffle: No
Time: 3 - 4 hours
Wetsuits: Not required

A good beginner canyon close to Blackheath that can be done year-round thanks to negligible water flow and abseil anchors situated out of the flow. 7 abseils with only 2 mandatory. Canyon now extends to include Beauchamp Falls.

Jugglers.png (1.87 MiB) Viewed 9484 times
By car
  • Parking spot located on Old Point Pilcher Trail at -33.664359, 150.324937 accessed via Point Pilcher Road, Medlow Bath
By foot
  • Walk north east along fire trail, which turns north
  • Once you reach a star picket -33.659410, 150.327579 turn off Old Point Pilcher Trail and follow a faint track towards the start of the canyon at -33.659171, 150.329443
  • Older track notes describe turning right at “a large live tree with a couple of holes burnt by fire in the trunk”. This description is now partially out of date due to the 2019-2020 Bushfires. The tree remains however is now completely burnt and may be difficult to discern amongst all the other burnt trees.
Route Description
  • Simple and straightforward canyon with up to 7 abseils.
  • All but 2 abseils are optional and can be scrambled around/down
  • Distances between abseils are not large (no more than 100m excluding last abseil)
  • Route is well worn and easy to follow
  • Canyon does not have any significant water flow and can be done year round as a “dry” canyon
  • The pool at base of R4 can be avoided by edging along some very small ledges on the river right
  • 6m hand over hand climb down between R5 and R6

R1 | 10m | Sling, river left | Optional
R2 | 15m | Sling, river right | Optional
R3 | 13m | Sling, river right | Optional
R4 | 13m | Sling, river left | Mandatory
R5a | 11m | Bolts, river left | Optional
R5b | 8m | Sling, river right | Optional
R6 | 20m | Bolts, river left | Mandatory
R7a | 20m | Bolts, river left | Optional
R7b | 20m (in flow) | Bolts, river left | Optional

Standard exit
  • At the bottom of Beauchamp Falls (R7) head upwards on river left (about 20m to the right of Beauchamp Falls) to find an old, unmaintained track just below the cliffs. Follow the cliff path back to the top of Beauchamp Falls, and upward.
  • Keeping river left, after about 150m the path will meet the larger Rodriguez Pass Walking Trail. Follow this maintained path until it intersects with the Grand Canyon Walking Trail (signpost).
  • Head upstream along the Grand Canyon Walking Trail until you reach the Old Point Pilcher Walking Track turn off, on the left when walking upstream at approx -33.657267, 150.324350. The Pilcher track turns off the main Grand Canyon trail at the point where the Grand Canyon trail leaves the river to climb up the cliffs (the same place as the Grand Canyon canyon trip exit). Find the Pilcher trail near to the river as the Grand Canyon trail leaves the river. If you follow the Grand [ Canyon trail up the steps out of the river, you have gone too far.
  • Proceed up through the cliffs and along Old Point Pilcher Walking Track on a well-cleared path. Pass the canyon entry path turnoff, and return to the car park.

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Re: Jugglers Canyon v3a1II*

Post by Xrex » 20 Apr 2021, 23:09

This is some of the best track notes I have seen, how did you do the map?

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