River Caves Canyon

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River Caves Canyon

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River Caves Canyon is a short, spectacular canyon for beginners. Accessible to just about anyone of any age, it is basically a bushwalk through incredibly high narrow sandstone cliffs. With a couple of sections where you have to walk through water you will unavoidably get wet feet, possibly even wet as high as your waist depending on water level, height and where you try to walk. Aside from that though, there is only a couple of 'climbs' required, and virtually no technical skill required.

Driving there

Drive along Bells Line of Road to the Zig Zag Railway. Turn right here, then immediately right again along a dirt road (signposted as Newnes Forest Road). This crosses the old railway tracks and becomes Old Bells Line of Road. Follow it until it ends at a T-intersection with Glow Worm Tunnel Road.
Follow this for about 11.5kms before turning right onto Eastern Boundary Road. Follow this for about 500m, taking the second left at a large open area. After 500m, immediately after a crossroad, take a road that forks off to the right (Mount Cameron Trail). Follow this past a left hand turn, then to a fork. Left will take you on a rougher road that is shorter and more direct, while right is a little longer, but less rugged. If you go left, then simply go straight, passing one possible left turn. If right, then you will pass a right hand turn, the road will swing to the left and a second right hand turn will be passed. Keep left at a fork (which is just a small circuit which joins back up with the road 100m ahead), drive past the other end of the circuit as it joins up again, and then take the right hand turn at the end of the road. A little more than 1km down the road is the gate before the Natural Bridge, and the car park.

Walking In

It is most popular to do this canyon upstream, although it could obviously be done in either direction. To complete the canyon upstream, walk about 200m down the path over the 'Natural Bridge' saddle, then turn left (north) down the side of the saddle at a clear path.
This path takes you down into a gully which you walk through until the canyon comes in from the left. It is very easy to miss the canyon because it is so narrow and covered in trees (the path appears to keep going downstream past the canyon), so be careful to watch for the path heading off to the left at a creek crossing near a fallen tree. Also watch for the narrow slot in the left hand cliff wall.

The Canyon

Once at the bottom of the canyon, simply walk in and enjoy the spectacular scenery. There are a couple of wet spots and wades, there are 2 or 3 small, easy climbs, and the canyon will be finished before you know it.

Walking Out

Follow the path in the canyon, sticking to the left at any forks in the creek and you will inevitably find yourself climbing up a gully. Simply follow the path back to the road you drove in on, then turn left when you hit the road and walk back to the car park.

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