Glowworm Tunnel Canyon

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Glowworm Tunnel Canyon

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Glowworm Tunnel Canyon (Bells Grotto Canyon) runs alongside the popular Glow Worm Tunnel at the end of Glowworm Tunnel Road on the Newnes Plateau. From the end of Glow Worm Tunnel Road, walk to the tunnel, then through it (you will need torches). From the other end of the tunnel, turn left and walk upstream through the canyon until you meet up with the path again which brought you to the start of the tunnel.

Driving there

Drive along Bells Line of Road to the Zig Zag Railway. Turn right here, then immediately right again along a dirt road (signposted as Newnes Forest Road). This crosses the old railway tracks and becomes Old Bells Line of Road. Follow it until it ends at a T-intersection with Glow Worm Tunnel Road. Follow this road to the very end, which is approximately 27kms.

Walking In

Walk past the end of the road along the well sign posted walking trail towards the Glow Worm Tunnel. Continue on through the Tunnel (torches required).

The Canyon

At the end of the Glowworm Tunnel turn left and walk upstream through the canyon.

Walking Out

At the end of the canyon, simply follow the path up the RIGHT hand bank back on to the track you walked down to get to the Glowworm Tunnel. There is another track heading up the left hand bank up a very steep hill (this is not the exit track). Once back on main walking track, simply head back to your car.

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