Rocky Creek Canyon

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Rocky Creek Canyon

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Rocky Creek is a beautiful canyon, with some narrow dark slots and some fun slides and potential swimming pools. It is usually done in addition to Twister Canyon. It is technically fairly easy, with no abseils, but there are a few climb downs and mini-jumps which will surely keep you from getting bored. The beauty of the canyon is reason enough to check it out, particularly after already getting an adrenaline rush from Twister.

Special Equipment

Wetsuits are highly advisable as there are a few swims (up to approx 40m) and the water is fairly cold. A rope (approx 30m or more) will also help to belay people on the rock climb portion of the hike out, which can be quite daunting to some.

Driving there

Drive along Bells Line of Road to the Zig Zag Railway. Turn right here, then immediately right again along a dirt road (signposted as Newnes Forest Road). This crosses the old railway tracks and becomes Old Bells Line of Road. Follow it until it ends at a T-intersection with Glow Worm Tunnel Road.
Turn right and follow Glow Worm Tunnel for approximately 15kms. Turn right onto the signposted Galah Mountain Road. Continue along this road for about 6.5kms to the end where there is room for a reasonable number of cars to park.

Walking In

Rocky Creek can be reached from the end of Twister Canyon, by following the reasonably clear path which continues downstream. If for some reason you want to skip Twister, simply walk from the car park down the well cleared path past the Twister turnoff, and down the gully which leads you to the creek below Twister.

The Canyon

The canyon runs for approximately half a kilometre. While it is technically easy, with no abseils, there are a few climb downs and slides. The majority of the canyon is fairly narrow with high walls on either side. It is a good canyon for relatively inexperienced canyoners to get a taste of canyoning without being exposed difficult abseils.
A short distance into the canyon is a small climb down called "The Washing Machine". Immediately after the washing machine the creek follows a small zig zag around a pot hole in some of the canyon formation - this pot hole can be swum into underneath the rock around it - you can duck dive underneath the rock, and swim up into it.
About half way through the canyon section, at a large right hand bend, there is a great canyon playground - a large rock at the edge of a nice pool. You can jump off the rock, or use the rock as a slide at several different places.

Walking Out

From the end of the canyon, where it opens up and the steep walls fall back, continue walking along the creek, following it for approximately 1km. Eventually, the creek bends sharply to the right, and immediately on the left there is a path which leads up a gully. The path is difficult to spot as it is hidden behind trees and bushes when traversing downstream so be careful not to overshoot it.
The first few hundred metres is fairly steep and muddy, but shouldn't be too much of a problem for capable climbers. The path will eventually lead to a big rock slab on the left hand side. This can be climbed and is not overly difficult, but it is fairly steep with a big drop down, so people with a fear of heights may find this difficult.
At the top of the rock, there is a path which leads off to the left along the top of the gully. Follow this and it will eventually lead to a firetrail. Turn left on this firetrail and it will eventually lead back to the main road you drove in on, shortly before the car park. Turn left and follow the road back down to your car.

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