Beal 10.5 static $2.70/m

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Beal 10.5 static $2.70/m

Post by Neo » 27 May 2018, 20:59

My first rope. Got 42m (2 spare). Beal 10.5 white with black dots.

Collecting gear and experience so this was my budget choice. It is very nice to tie knots and abseil on and also happens to be the cheapest off the shelf (less another 10%).

I tell a lie. My first climbing rope was 20m of 8mm from Paddys for a handline kit. Then a blue Tendon 10mm... a friend lent his near new Tendon 60m for a bunch to go abseiling. After several rappels there was a major blowout of the sheath due to the sharp rock edge and lack of protection. End story we pitched in to replace the rope and I ended up with the shorter half at 27m. Have cut it 12+15m so I guess that was my 'first' rope, now with which I build anchors then abseil down the Beal.

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