Aussie store purely for canyoning equipment

Buy, swap, and sell canyoning-specific gear.
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Aussie store purely for canyoning equipment

Post by T2 » 07 Nov 2018, 17:35

I've been a little quiet for the last month. One of the reasons is that I've been busy setting up a little online store purely focused on canyoning equipment.

At the moment I've only got a handful of products, mostly focused on fiddlestick anchors, but I'm busy talking to distributors and companies to increase what is available. You can check out what is available at:

Many of you will have seen the post I wrote a couple months back about fiddlesticks and why Aussie canyoners should consider using them. I had about two dozen people get in touch wanting to buy their own kits, so went about chasing up US based canyoning equipment companies and rope manufacturers to bring in a bulk order. Throughout this process, I slowly realised there was a real need for a specialist online store that was devoted to providing only the best gear for canyoners. In Australia, it's still quite hard to access many items (for instance, arguably the best canyoning rope on earth isn't even sold here) and most outdoor retailers stock only basic canyoning equipment. People are left using inferior gear, or forced to pay exorbitant prices to ship what they want from overseas.

Not only am I aiming to help Australian canyoners get their hands on the very best gear available, I want to stock items that have been custom designed by active canyoners from around the world, utilising their wealth of knowledge and years of experience. I also want to promote locally designed and manufactured gear.

I'm going to provide a permanent 10 per cent discount for members of the Canyoning Australia forum (discount code is in the "Discounts, competitions and special offers" section of the forum that is only visible if you're signed in).

You can read more about what I'm hoping to achieve with the store here:


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Re: Aussie store purely for canyoning equipment

Post by Rad » 21 Feb 2021, 17:49

Well done T2 and keep up the great work. All purchases have been fantastic and happy to continue shopping at canyon gear.
We'll send more orders through again shortly.

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Re: Aussie store purely for canyoning equipment

Post by Jakub » 02 Mar 2021, 21:32

Couldn’t agree more,
Quality gear options, super fast shipping and top notch customer service.
Genuinely worth supporting.
Big thank you!

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