Canyoning Australia: - Terms of use

Please read and agree to the following terms and conditions governing members of the Canyoning Australia forum.

This is a place for canyoners to come together, freely sharing skills, experience, knowledge and advice. It also provides an opportunity to introduce new people to our passion for canyoning, providing them with the tools and information needed to do so safely.

The forum is a place where everyone is welcome. Members are encouraged to share their views, and are free to debate points of difference, but must commit to doing so in a respectful manner. That means ensuring posts are not abusive, threatening, obscene, discriminatory, or hurtful. Never make a difference of opinion personal, but instead explain what you think and why. Take time to read over what you write before posting to ensure it is helpful and constructive.

Make sure your posts do not violate any laws. For instance, never post images, text, or other copyrighted material without the express permission of the owner.

Moderators of the the Canyoning Australia forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic. In extreme cases where members are offensive, disrespectful, or engage in unlawful conduct, they may be banned from the forum.

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