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by DavidM
20 Nov 2018, 22:25
Forum: Kanangra-Boyd NP (NSW)
Topic: Thurat Spires abseil route
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Thurat Spires abseil route

Thurat Spires are imposing outcrops on the long ridge that divides Kanangra Creek from Danae Brook. Ascending the ridge is one of the most spectacular trips in Kanangra. It is an Alpine-like ridge traverse with long sections scrambling along the ridge, some spectacular knife edges, and three bold ab...
by DavidM
23 May 2018, 22:13
Forum: Kanangra-Boyd NP (NSW)
Topic: Kanangra Main via The Slot
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Kanangra Main via The Slot

Read in conjunction with Tom Brennan's track notes for Kanangra Main on OZultimate , which describes the regular route down the wall. Cross the stream above Kanangra Falls at 32088 36227 at some obvious horizontal slabs on the far, left bank. (Do not walk/scramble the last section down to the top of...