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by Bron
11 Jan 2019, 22:07
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Claustral/Ranon - Preferred exit?
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Re: Claustral/Ranon - Preferred exit?

I really like the old track. It's so pretty through the upper creek and is easy walking. Yes, there is a swim, but it's very short. The rest of the exit is such a slog that why would you want to skip the enjoyable part of it? And voluntarily bypass canyon sections for minimal time difference? I shou...
by Bron
12 Oct 2018, 12:48
Forum: Photos
Topic: Exploration
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Re: Exploration

Looks like a worthwhile find! Perhaps a bit chilly for this time of year though :)
by Bron
12 Oct 2018, 12:46
Forum: General discussion
Topic: House on old Claustral access route currently up for rent!
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House on old Claustral access route currently up for rent!

An interesting opportunity has just come up in Mount Tomah - it looks like the house on the private property blocking the old Claustral access track is currently up for rent. How great would it be if it was leased to a canyoner?! Who was maybe open to allowing other canyoners through. Perhaps an hon...
by Bron
17 Sep 2018, 21:27
Forum: Closures, access changes and condition reports
Topic: Campfires banned in Blue Mountains until April 2019
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Re: Campfires banned in Blue Mountains until April 2019

Wow, you're right. I have never carried the requisite 9-10L of water, and don't think I know anyone who would. So really they are effectively banning cooking whilst bushwalking unless camped by a creek/river?? That seems ridiculous! And also highly likely to be ignored unless made a bit more realist...
by Bron
17 Sep 2018, 21:01
Forum: Technique, ropework and skill development
Topic: Rescue knife: yes or no?
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Re: Rescue knife: yes or no?

I was quite surprised at just how easily the loaded rope was cut. I'd always heard that it was easy, but still expected it to be a bit more difficult than that. I still think having a knife reasonably accessible in the group is a good idea - certainly was glad we had one on the one occasion we neede...
by Bron
15 Aug 2018, 21:21
Forum: Trip reports
Topic: Pipeline
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Re: Pipeline

Geez, I can't believe someone would go to the effort to graffiti and deface a canyon like that. Particularly with a 'political' message, which would seem to suggest that they'd done a few canyons before and should probably know better. It's been a couple of years since I've done Pipeline, but certai...
by Bron
15 Aug 2018, 21:13
Forum: Gear questions, suggestions and reviews
Topic: Wetsuits Advice...
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Re: Wetsuits Advice...

I am someone who tends to get quite cold in canyons, but I too have stopped wearing wetsuits most of the time. For me the things that make the difference (over my thermals +/- thicker merino jumper) are a fleece neck warmer, woollen beanie and a cheapo plastic raincoat - all for keeping the cold bre...
by Bron
19 Jul 2018, 23:09
Forum: Trip reports
Topic: FreezeFest 2018: Whungee Wheengee Canyon
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Re: FreezeFest 2018: Whungee Wheengee Canyon

I still can't believe you two were actively trying to cool off in WW in that weather. It was freezing! Your description of the Gambe is more what I imagined.
I remain happy with my decision for 'Synonymous Canyon' :D
by Bron
19 Jul 2018, 23:02
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Advice on Utah?
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Re: Advice on Utah?

Geez, that sounds crazy! I'm glad our canyons are so much more predictable! There's a lot to be said for local knowledge. I'm sure I'd be much more freaked out about snakes or potential bushfire risks if I wasn't from around here :)
by Bron
27 May 2018, 22:42
Forum: Lost and found
Topic: Camera found after two years lost in a canyon
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Re: Camera found after two years lost in a canyon

Yeah, it was sketchy. The only reason I'm smiling in the photo is because I was past the worst bit!
You'll be happy to know that the Santa hat was attached to his helmet though :-)
by Bron
27 May 2018, 22:27
Forum: Videos
Topic: Knox Canyon (WA)
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Re: Knox Canyon (WA)

Great video — it brought back some wonderful memories. That slide remains the the best water slide I’ve ever done in a canyon! The Karijini canyons are very different in style to the Blue Mountains canyons, but technically much easier than most of ours. They’re fully bolted, navigation is a non-issu...