Read first before using track notes forum

Ensure you have also read and understood the general guidelines governing all contributions to the Canyoning Australia forum.

Using track notes:

Canyoning can result in serious injury or death. Many serious incidents have occurred in commonly visited canyons as a result of human error. Always ensure your group has adequate skills and equipment, including materials for building anchors, carrying out self-rescue, and dealing with injuries and emergencies.

The track notes on the Canyoning Australia forum have been written by forum members, based on their own experiences. They are designed to provide general guidance to appropriately experienced people. They are not a replacement for essential skills, including navigation, rope work, and general bushcraft.

Be aware that canyons are not static environments. Storms, flash floods, bushfires, and other natural events can substantially change canyon conditions. Natural anchors may be damaged or destroyed; logs, trees and rocks can be washed into canyons; pools can silt up have hidden obstacles introduced; and tracks can shift over time. Anchors can change and slings can be removed or damaged. Blindly following notes from any source can have catastrophic consequences.

Suggesting changes, corrections, and improvements:

Track notes are at best a guide to conditions when the author last visited a canyon. By publishing them on a forum it is possible for other canyoners to offer improvement, highlight changes to conditions, or identify errors. Site moderators can update the original post as needed, based on feedback from forum members.

Posting new track notes:

The posting of new track notes needs to be approved by a moderator. This is because track notes involve sharing significant information about activities that can be dangerous. They may also have potential implications for sensitive environments, or significant heritage sites. Where moderators have concerns about the contents of track notes they will contact the author with suggested changes or improvements to make the post suitable for the forum.

The Canyoning Australia forum will not publish detailed track notes for unpublished wilderness canyons. This is to preserve opportunities for exploration and discovery, as well as minimising potential damage. Consider whether a canyon is suitable for detailed track notes, or whether a vague trip report inspiring others to visit without giving away too much information is more appropriate.